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Unity in Diversity

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Over decades, some country’s economy has not yet reach its dream of prosperity, progress and development in all aspect of the government including its constituents are still remote and hazy. The imperial countries enjoy the greatest advantage and prosperity amid the clamor for equality and equal distribution in government funding. Also, there has been a clamor for shift in the structure of the government so that other country can reap the fruits of their own lands and endeavor both professionally and economically. Currently, some countries follow a unitary form of government and one person can be part and manipulate political ang constitutional heads. 

After being hit by an earthquake a sudden feeling bump into to you and you cannot comprehend what is the cause of that. Seeing your house on fire is the worst thing you can ever imagine and this is due to electrical malfunction.  Calling Electrical contractors Bend Oregon is the best choice you can choose, they are able to give remedies to your problems. This problem is just a hint of dust to their company because they provide the best services that you can get when you are experiencing problems regarding in electrical disfunction. 

In consequence the autonomous countries as well as municipalities can only execute powers and enact policies that the central government commands them to do so. Also, it receives a large portion of every city’s income and redistribute it often disproportionally making cities to be the most urbanize country. Fortunately, as presidents and other politician campaigns relative to the change in the structure of the government has begun. The buzz has been always been that from the present structures that leaders wants it to be change to some more effective king of government. 

This proposal brought back the light to the people’s faces as it promises that under a new form of government the central government would be limited to a few powers for itself. Like maintenance of law and order, one army, one judiciary with modifications like technologies that is use in different kind of field of work. All other duties of government especially on the matters of development would now be the function of federal states. In this diverse world where we belong, what we need more is cooperation and close participation between the government and its people. 

Beyond our thirst for peace and freedom is our hunger for unity which can be attain the amidst of diversity. And that could be a very truthful wide opener to all of us living in the world full of terror, war and sins that made us all bad and not approachable. The effects of diversity in the national life is very important. Today we can see the fruits of being diverse among all developed place in the world, nation cannot stand without unity. to be diverse you must be exiled. Therefore, to run for yourself activities, unity is important. For the greater good of the world and people who live in it, we have to live together. 

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